Rechargeable LED searchlight 1600 lumens

Rechargeable LED searchlight 1600 lumens 20 W

Model: WK092



New LED rechargeable searchlight with 20 W, 1600 lm Cree LED of high power, reference WK092.

You can use it as a portable light because of the shoulder strap and the ergonomic grip.

It includes also 2 USB ports to use the device as a power bank for other mobile devices or phones. Durable housing, long operating time and high output.
Technical specification:

Light output: 1600 lumens

Light source:  1 x CREE  20 W LED

Power supply:  Li-ion 7,4 V /  7000 mAh

Chargers: USB, 230 V AC, 12V DC

Charging time: 21 h

Operation time:

100% – 4 h

50% – 12 h

Light distance: 500 m

Size: 36 cm x 22,5 cm x 25,3 cm

Weight: 2,02 Kg